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Better Buddy Complete Bundle HHC


The Better Buddy Complete Bundle by supHerb

Mixing CBD or HHC with tobacco is common. Many smokers are therefore addicted to nicotine - even though they don't smoke cigarettes.

It doesn't have to be like that! No nicotine is produced when cannabis trim is burned. In addition, the trim is excellently compatible with HHC.

HHC and CBD are the best friends - and in the vaporizer not only vaporizes completely pure, but also gentler on you. With the PAX 3 Complete Set, you can experience the "state of the art" in terms of vaping with all your senses and have the right maintenance and function tools for all cases right at hand.

Scope of delivery

  • The supHerb Special Edition HHC. 20% HHC, 2g
  • PAX 3, 1 concentrate insert, 1 charging cable + station, 1 care set, 1 multi-tool, 2 mouthpieces, 2 lids for the chamber, 3 sieves
  • Cannabis Trim, 10g

The supHerb Special Edition HHC. 20% HHC 2g

The latest batch of the Special Edition contains approx. 20% HHC, 13% CBD and less than 0.2% Delta9 THC. HHC is not a synthetic cannabinoid (no spice!) but very similar to the well-known and officially banned THC. About half as strong as the forbidden sister for twice as legal as this one. If we were to name our strains after cocktails, it would clearly be a caipirinha because the bouquet of this strain definitely contains lemon and mint. Test yourself through the variety of cannabinoids and tickle your endocannabinoid system like you've never touched it with the new SpecialEdition from supHerb.

PAX 3 Complete Set

The PAX 3 is PAX Labs newest portable vaporizer with the latest in vaporization technology. It is a dual-use vaporizer that can vaporize both leaves and extracts. The improved heating element offers even faster heating (the PAX 3 heats up in just 15 seconds) and produces even more pleasant and even clouds of vapor than its predecessor. The design of the PAX 3 is more classic than ever, with rounded corners and a polished anodized aluminum body. The scope of delivery also includes: 1 concentrate insert, 1 charging cable + station, 1 care set, 1 multifunctional tool, 2 mouthpieces, 2 lids for the chamber, 3 sieves.

Cannabis Trim 10g

The trim consists of cuttings from small flowers and leaves, which do not produce nicotine when burned.

The trim - our tobacco alternative - is the most copied product from supHerb. Since some of the growers have no use for their crop residues and we want to help people break their tobacco addiction, we designed this product.

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the satisfaction of our customers is our success

Nowhere else can you find such beautiful purple and really tasty cbd flowers. It just tastes great, even to me, and I'm a bit haglich, as they say 😉


Great shop, top products, friendly and competent. Worth a recommendation!! 🔥🔥🔥


Very pretty shop, run by competent and friendly operators whose products convinced me with their quality. I was surprised by the large selection that you can only find at SupHerb in Vienna.



Knowledge & Curation
Not only do we curate and sell premium cannabis, we have years of experience in the scientific and cultivation aspects of cannabinoids. We are happy to pass on this knowledge and help with any questions that arise about CBD.
Wholesomeness & Wellbeing
Money or profit have never been our motivation - our mission is to make the positive effects of CBD and cannabis accessible to everyone. We keep it simple: what drives us is the pursuit of the best possible products with the greatest benefit.
Trust & Quality
supHerb only sells selected and regularly quality-checked products. If you have any further questions about CBD and our products, we would be happy to advise you personally by phone, email or in the shop

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