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rapé for weaning nasal habits

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The rapé starter set with 3 different types of rapé (each 1g)

Applicator in a practical bag exclusively available from us in this way.

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rapé to break nasal habits

Rapé is an indigenous snuff that has been used in South America for thousands of years. The first rapè blends came from Acre in Brazil and over time many tribes across the continent developed their own blends. The different mixtures consist of Aztec tobacco or also called peasant tobacco ("Nicotiana rustica"). This is 20 times stronger than Western cigarette tobacco ("Nicotiana tabacum") and does not contain any harmful additives, such as tar, as is common in the West. Another traditionally important component is the ash from the bark of the Pau Pereira tree ("Platycyamus regnelli").

Furthermore, depending on the trunk and recipe, very finely powdered herbs, medicinal plants, seeds and bark from other trees are added to the mixture. Although rapé is snuff, it is not sniffed, but blown into the nose with the help of various applicators. This ensures that the pineal gland is stimulated and the diverse cleansing and healing processes are set in motion. There are self-applicators, also called "kuripes", and "tepis", which can be used to apply to each other. The average dose per nostril is relatively small, about the size of a pea.

The rapé is blown into both nostrils one after the other, because each nostril represents an energy flow of the body: the right side is the channel of the sun (sender - yang - masculine) and has the power of the rational mind. The typical challenges are selfish or violent behavior, arrogance and pride. The left side is the channel of the moon (receiver - yin - female) and possesses the power of emotions. The typical challenges are emotional attachment, depression, low self-esteem or guilt.

Taking it can hurt to varying degrees, but it can also be painless. After the application, a tingling sensation flows through the body from the head. The whole body relaxes and the mind calms down. On a physical level, the entire respiratory system is freed. In other words, the ear, nose and throat area is cleaned and freed from mucus, toxins and bacteria so that the body can be supplied with oxygen more easily and better. This can be used to effectively treat a cold or a cold, for example. More oxygen -> sensory organs work better -> higher alertness For example, the hunters of indigenous tribes perform a rapé ritual before the hunt in order to hunt more efficiently.

Other properties that underline the healing potential of rapé:
  • Has an anti-depressive effect, helps with insomnia and anxiety
  • Helps clear the mind and end internal dialogue
  • Can be applied to wounds as an antibiotic and helps with scarring
  • Decompresses the pressure of the skull, eliminating headaches and drowsiness
  • Promotes intestinal peristalsis, cleans the intestines and frees them from parasites
  • Gives access to meditation
  • Assists in letting go of emotions, connections or dependencies that don't serve you
  • Has a fever-reducing effect
  • Balances the masculine and feminine side
  • By stimulating the pineal gland, it has a dream-promoting effect
  • Reduces allergies up to immunization
  • You feel more connected to animals and plants

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Nowhere else can you find such beautiful purple and really tasty cbd flowers. It tastes just fine, even to me, and I'm a bit haglich, as they say 😉


Great shop, top products, friendly and competent. Worth a recommendation!! 🔥🔥🔥


Very pretty shop, run by competent and friendly operators whose products convinced me with their quality. I was surprised by the large selection that you can only find at SupHerb in Vienna.



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