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How to take CBD

How to properly consume cannabidiol!

You probably already know a lot about CBD (if you don't, read our supHerb blog #1: Everything you need to know about CBD for the most important information). Or have you already made your own experiences and tried the versatile active ingredient yourself? Either way, there's always something to learn! That's why this supHerb blog article focuses on information about consuming CBD and the best ways to use cannabidiol properly. In other words: How do you consume CBD?

Why consume CBD?

CBD is an active ingredient in the hemp plant that is not psychoactive and is therefore neither a drug nor illegal. Rather, it can help us humans and is used for a wide variety of applications. In addition to healing effects on physical ailments (including e.g. B anti-inflammatory properties), CBD is also said to have anxiolytic and calming effects. Whether for treating pain, stress or sleeping problems: CBD can have positive effects on many ailments.

What does the CBD content of a product say?

Actually, this question can be explained very quickly: The more CBD a product contains, the less you have to take to feel an effect. However, high-proof CBD products are usually more expensive than those with lower CBD content. Therefore, there is also the possibility of consuming weaker products in higher doses in order to obtain the same effect as when taking a high-proof product.

Which CBD dosage is the right one?

Depending on how much CBD is dosed, it can work in the body for between two and six hours. However, the right dosage depends heavily on the desired effects and the area of ​​application. For example, a dosage of 20 mg 3x daily is considered the minimum dosage for the treatment of chronic pain or migraines.

What CBD products are there?

In short: a lot. Because CBD is an active substance, a wide variety of end products (e.g. B Food such as sweets or tea, capsules, cosmetics, etc. ) can be enriched with this substance and benefit from its properties.

The best known is probably the "original form" of the product, i.e. the CBD flowers. But CBD drops that are taken orally are also very popular. The same applies to CBD vapes, which contain CBD as a substitute for nicotine and are absorbed through the lungs.

Consumption: smoking and vaping CBD

Smoking CBD is the classic way that many people still associate cannabidiol consumption. This is where the CBD flowers are used: They are crushed, rolled into joints, burned and smoked. If you want to absorb CBD through the lungs but prefer a health-friendly variant, you can try vaping. In a vaporizer, such as the PAX, the flowers are vaporized, the heated vapor is enriched with the desired ingredients and then inhaled. Carcinogenic substances, e.g. B produced during combustion are simply left out.

By the way, when purchasing any vape product, it is very important to know what parts were used to make it. Please never buy vapes that contain VG (Vegetable Glycerine), PG (Propylene Glycol) or MCT. supHerb has tested many vape pens available on the European market - and without exception found them not good enough! That is why we have created Europe's highest quality vape cartridge from the best components and ingredients. You can find our excellent vape products here.

Consumption: CBD oil

CBD oil is an extract from the flowers and leaves of the hemp plant. B used as an additive in cosmetics. Above all, however, it can be taken orally to support or relieve physical or mental ailments. to relieve symptoms. Anyone suffering from pain, cramps (eg. B related to PMS period), nausea, stress, nervousness, bad sleep etc. Ä. suffers, CBD drops can help alleviate these problems.

Since different oils contain different amounts of CBD and the preparations also have a different effect on each person, supHerb recommends consulting a doctor or pharmacist when determining the dosage. the rule of thumb: as little as possible, as much as necessary. Here you will find our selection of hand-picked, high-quality oils.

Consumption: CBD crystals

Basically, CBD crystals can be taken orally (via the oral mucosa), used to prepare tinctures or used in cooking. In fact, there are very few useful applications for the end user. More common is the use of CBD crystals to make products. For example, supHerb makes wonderful bath bombs from the crystals.

Info from friends to friends

If you want to learn more about cannabis, check out the supHerb blog section. We are constantly uploading new articles here so that you can stay informed as best as possible. Or visit us personally in our physical shop in Vienna. We would be happy to advise you!


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The supHerb team does not consist of doctors and pharmacists. However, we have many years of experience in the CBD sector, which we will share with you to the best of our ability. For iindividual medical questions or Questions about the dosage, contact a:n doctor:doctor you trust. However, supHerb takes care of the fact that the consumed CBD meets the highest quality standards.

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