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HHC and driver's license

With these tips you will pass the MPU

Consume HHC and keep your driver's license - is that possible? This question worries many cannasseurs. Anyone who has ever been to the MPU or VPU was summoned, currently likes to use the legal HHC. Unfortunately, it is not that simple: Many medical tests cannot precisely distinguish between legal and illegal cannabinoids. So what to do?

In this article, we give you tips on how to achieve a negative urine test despite consumption and keep your driver's license! You will also find out everything you need to know about driving licenses and HHC.

Can I consume HHC to be negative on a drug test?

In short, you should not consume HHC if you want to get a negative result on a urine drug test. The risk of losing your driver's license and the costs associated with the MPU are too high. Nevertheless, this does not have to mean the end of your consumption! Our supHerb tips will help you keep your driver's license despite consumption.

supHerb Tips: Negative test despite consumption

Tip 1 - Clean urine with BeFox Detox

The absolute pro tip: Get BeFox Detox in the supHerb shop. BeFox is a 100% natural urine cleaner with which you can achieve a negative urine test despite active consumption. The dietary supplement in capsule form consists of minerals and trace elements that support your body's natural detoxification process, so that cannabinoids such as THC are no longer detectable in the urine.

supHerb and the BeFox team are committed to responsible consumption. For the sake of completeness, we point out that a negative test cannot be obtained while high. BeFox only accelerates the detoxification of the waste products, so that you are negative 24 hours after your last consumption (provided you have completed the build-up phase). In order not to endanger yourself or others, you should never drive a motor vehicle under the influence of harmful substances.

How does BeFox work?

After consuming cannabis products, degradation products are stored in human tissues. By filling up these depots with special minerals or If there is an excess of minerals, cannabinoids can no longer be stored. The result: They are excreted and can no longer be detected in the urine test.

How do I use BeFox?

There are precise instructions for taking BeFox Detox, which will lead you to the desired result if you follow them exactly. In general, the intake is divided into 2 phases: the build-up phase, in which an excess of minerals is generated in your body (3x3 capsules per day) and the maintenance phase (2-4 capsules per day). In the build-up phase, self-testing takes place every 7 days. That's why our pack also includes 3 urine test strips. As soon as the test is negative, you switch to the maintenance phase. A pack of BeFox contains enough capsules for up to 100 days of use.

supHerb tip from friends for friends:

If you have individual questions about the use, we will be happy to help you and share our experience with you. In addition, the BeFox team also offers free and individual advice and accompanies you from the first meeting to the negative test.

    Tip 2 – Stay safe or stay sorry

    Get medical clearance for THC. While this tip won't result in a negative urine test, it's the surest way to save yourself long-term trouble if you're consuming THC or HHC and want to keep your driver's license. A medical license allows you to take prescribed cannabis products (i.e. consume them under medical supervision). However, we must anticipate at this point that this option is not possible for everyone.

    In Austria, doctors like Dr. Iris Pleyer or Dr. Grant Kurt Blaas the necessary patient status. With this you can get dronabinol, a THC-containing drug, in the pharmacy. After a psychological assessment, in which you drive a vehicle under the influence of the drug, it is determined whether you can keep your driver's license despite taking dronabinol.

    Caution: This does not entitle you to drive a vehicle after consuming Flowers, but only serves as an explanation if you have a positive urine test at a check.

    The situation is different in Germany: Here you can ask your family doctor or Have your trusted family doctor prescribe medicinal flowers, which are available in pharmacies. Although it is difficult for health insurance to cover the costs, you can still carry the flowers with you and also drive a car.

    supHerb recommends: Regardless of where you live, check with your doctor or the doctor you trust according to your possibilities.

    MPU and VPU: What is that anyway?

    The Medical-Psychological Examination (MPU) in Germany and the Traffic-Psychological Examination (VPU) in Austria assess whether a person is fit to drive. Anyone who is caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be officially obliged to carry out such an investigation. It consists of a performance test on the computer, a psychological interview and a medical check-up. The latter also includes a urine test, which is intended to measure whether there are illegal substances in the body.

    The results of MPU resp. VPU decide whether you can keep your driver's license. Incidentally, you have to pay for the very expensive examination out of your own pocket.

    Can HHC be detected in a drug test?

    The opinions on whether HHC in the urine test of the MPU or VPU is detectable vary widely. There are several reasons for this:

    • HHC is still very new to the market and testing labs have little experience with it.
    • Many people who use HHC also use other substances from time to time, which can affect the test. Whether and for how long relevant substances can be detected in the body also depends on various factors. These include, for example, the amount and frequency of consumption, the individual metabolism and the respective drug test.
    • The Institute for Hemp Analysis, which also runs the "Vienna Drug Test", says in the IFHA fact check (link: https://www. hemp analysis. at/faktencheck/hexahydrocannabinol):

    "HHC can be detected in body fluids in the usual drug tests. Blood tests used to check fitness to drive identify HHC as a psychotropic substance. In drug tests from the urine to prove abstinence, HHC is also recorded with most common THC tests. Studies in the coming years will show more precise detection times. Until then, expect THC-like behavior from HHC. “

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