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Winter depression - what to do?

This is how CBD can help you!

Shorter days, less sun, lower mood: many of us overcome the fall blues and winter depression during the cooler months of the year. The consequences: The motivation goes out faster, the mood gets gloomy and we want to bury ourselves in bed. But what is behind this phenomenon? What can you do against winter depression and co. do and how can CBD help? supHerb has the answers for you!

What is SAD - and why does it make us sad?

Autumn blues or winter depression are colloquial names for the so-called seasonal depression, or SAD for short. Its symptoms range from melancholy and melancholy to tiredness, listlessness, depressive moods, and much more. v m
Medicine suspects the reason for this to be the changed sunlight conditions in autumn and winter. Because when we absorb less sunlight, more melatonin is released, the hormone that regulates the day-night rhythm in the body. We are more tired and less energetic. At the same time, our body has less of the happiness hormone serotonin available, which can make us feel depressed or stressed.

Tips against winter depression

There are many ways to manage seasonal depression. We've rounded up some of the simplest (and most effective) tips for you.

Spoiler: Although SAD is not a classic depressive disorder, the symptom-relieving properties of CBD can also help with the fall and winter blues.

  1. CBD
    CBD can help maintain a balanced mood during winter and fall. Because cannabidiol (a legal active ingredient in the hemp plant) affects our central nervous system. Certain receptors are activated and SAD symptoms such as sadness, fears, depressive moods, etc. alleviated. We explain which products are best suited further down in the article.
  2. Enough light
    Taking a walk during the day will help you get at least a little sunlight in autumn and winter. If you can't, a daylight lamp can work wonders.
  3. Exercise in the fresh air
    A good idea, especially in the cool season! Outdoor exercise helps you absorb sunlight, stimulates circulation and also stimulates the release of endorphins.
  4. Balanced diet
    You are what you eat. And the better you supply your body with nutrients and vitamins, the better it is armed against the downsides of the cold season.

By the way: Are you still relatively inexperienced with CBD? You can find the most important facts about cannabidiol here.

Which CBD products help with winter depression?

If you want to treat winter depression or autumn blues with CBD, you can use different products depending on your preference. Here are our supHerb recommendations:

CBD oil against depression

CBD oil for depression or winter blues? Good choice! With their relaxing, balancing properties, CBD drops can help you cope better with fall blues symptoms. At supHerb you will find a selected selection of natural CBD oils in a concentration of 5-30%. We would like to recommend one of these to you in particular:

Mimosa RAW (10%)

The RAW oil is our secret weapon in terms of effects and ingredients! As a full-spectrum product, it contains other cannabinoids and plant substances in addition to CBD, which mutually reinforce and support each other in their positive effects. The oil is completely natural and unfiltered, which is also evident from its black color (you read that correctly!). And even if that may put some people off - the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages. But if you also like coffee, pumpkin seed oil and Co. enjoys should not be deterred by the dark color.

CBD vaping against depression

Can CBD Vapes Relieve Depression? Just like CBD oil can make depressive moods more bearable, vaping can also help stabilize your mood in the fall and winter. When vaping, CBD ingredients from the buds are absorbed through the lungs. This is not only very effective, but (thanks to vaporization) also healthier than traditional smoking.

By the way: You can find an overview of how to consume CBD here.


At supHerb, it's unbeatably cheap and, on top of that, extremely high quality: we recommend this power product to anyone who decides to vape. Because the PAX 2 is an exceptionally good vaporizer that you can use to vaporize flowers and, with a small add-on, even extracts.

At supHerb you can get the vaporizer for €120 cheaper than anywhere else - and 2 grams of Stardust on top of that.

The PAX 2 warms up in less than a minute, after which it has a total of 4 temperature settings. A built-in accelerometer also ensures longer battery life. All in all, an excellent device that we can recommend with a clear conscience. If you want the all-round carefree solution right away, you can alternatively opt for the (slightly more expensive) PAX 3 decide.

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The supHerb team does not consist of doctors and pharmacists. However, we have many years of experience in the CBD sector, which we will share with you to the best of our ability. This article focuses on the use of CBD in relation to SAD. If you suffer mentally and/or have individual medical questions about the use and dosage of CBD, be sure to consult a doctor.

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