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What are medicinal mushrooms?

Effect, application and tips on medicinal mushrooms

Mushrooms are among the oldest natural remedies in the world. And not without reason. Because so-called medicinal mushrooms have a lot of ingredients that contribute to health and can alleviate symptoms. But how can you benefit from the power of the mushrooms?

supHerb has found out for you: In this article we give you the most important facts about medicinal mushrooms and the best varieties. You will also learn everything about their positive effects, the correct application and where you can buy medicinal mushrooms in high organic quality.

Info: Medicinal mushrooms are also known as medicinal mushrooms. In this article, we use both terms to describe medicinal mushrooms.

What are medicinal mushrooms?

One thing in advance: Medicinal mushrooms (unfortunately) have nothing to do with magic mushrooms. The mushrooms, which are used as dietary supplements, are absolutely legal and contain active ingredients that are scientifically proven to contribute to health and can stimulate the body's self-healing powers. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) people have sworn by the positive properties of certain types of mushrooms for thousands of years. In what is known as mycotherapy, mushrooms are even used medicinally to treat a range of diseases. With a medicinal mushroom dietary supplement, you can use the power of mushrooms for yourself, actively do something good for your health and prevent diseases.

Types of medicinal mushrooms: which medicinal mushroom is the best?

Among the thousands of mushroom species that grow worldwide, science classifies only a handful as medicinal mushrooms. supHerb has summarized the 3 most popular medicinal mushrooms, their areas of application and effects for you.

Reishi medicinal mushroom

It is also called "King of Medicinal Herbs" or "Mushroom of Eternal Life". And not without reason. The list of Reishi benefits is long. It has an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, detoxifying and calming effect. The fungus also alleviates allergies and skin diseases, helps with depression and sleep disorders and is an insider tip for anti-aging. The fact that it also strengthens the immune system is just another bonus of this sensational mushroom.

Top uses for Reishi:

  • immune system
  • Anti-aging
  • Insomnia
  • Inflammation
  • Allergies

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Cordyceps medicinal mushroom: caterpillar fungus

The sexy shroom is particularly well-known for its positive effect on potency and libido. But the little caterpillar can do much more: the mushroom increases physical performance because it has an invigorating and energizing effect. Similar to Reishi, it strengthens the immune system and can even help with depression. Incidentally, the Cordyceps mushroom can help your brain function better and help you concentrate and remember better.

Top uses for Cordyceps:

  • Libido enhancing
  • Mental and physical performance improvement
  • Cognitive performance enhancement
  • Better blood flow
  • Regulation of blood sugar and blood lipids

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Hericium medicinal mushroom: hedgehog's mane

The mushroom for your stomach: hedgehog's mane helps with stomach or Intestinal complaints such as gastritis, reflux, constipation or leaky gut. It also contains amino acids and minerals that regenerate nerve cells. And your psyche also benefits from the mushroom - after all, it can help with weak nerves and restlessness! Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, it helps to relieve pain and can also improve your skin's appearance by reducing skin irritation and improving skin elasticity.

Top Uses for Hericium:

  • Stomach and bowel diseases
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Detoxification
  • Inflammation and chronic diseases
  • Skin diseases

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How to take medicinal mushrooms?

supHerb recommends taking mushrooms in capsule form. They can be easily dosed and the active ingredients can be optimally absorbed by the body. Because many medicinal mushrooms are not edible mushrooms like mushrooms, chanterelles and Co. and should not be eaten that way. Most medicinal mushrooms have particularly hard cell walls. In order for your body to be able to absorb its nutrients, these cell walls have to be broken up in a special process (shellbroken grinding) and the mushroom has to be ground ultra-finely. as a powder or If you take the capsule, you benefit from the entire spectrum of action. As with so many things, medicinal mushrooms depend on the dose: supHerb recommends microdosing, because even small amounts can do a lot for your well-being. However, the exact dosage depends on the preparation and your individual situation.

How fast do medicinal mushrooms work?

Medicinal mushrooms usually work very quickly and effectively: Depending on the effect you want to achieve, positive effects can occur within a few weeks. In general, however, you should note that medicinal mushrooms should be taken over a longer period of time so that they can develop their effect and contribute to a healthy lifestyle in the long term.

Buy high-quality medicinal mushrooms online

Anyone who wants to buy medicinal mushrooms knows: It can be difficult to find reputable suppliers (online) for medicinal mushrooms. That's why we did some research for you and found a dealer who takes their mushrooms as seriously as supHerb takes everything to do with cannabis - very seriously! After intensive research, we decided on Tyroler Glückspilze as our mushroom partner. Here, mushrooms of the best organic quality are grown with a lot of know-how, professionally harvested and processed. We can recommend and sell these products with a clear conscience.


medicinal mushrooms or Medicinal mushrooms are used as dietary supplements for a healthy lifestyle. Although they can have many positive effects on your health, they are not a substitute for medication or medical treatments. If you have health problems, supHerb therefore always recommends clarifying the appropriate treatment with a doctor you trust.

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